Supporting the Arts

The arts are an essential part of our economy and our quality of life: they help bring people of different cultures and perspectives together and enhance learning in school. They help us put life in perspective, offer recreational opportunities for self expression, and make life more fun and interesting. They are also powerful contributors to our economy and the vitality of our community.

A record of results

  • Diane was an author and contributor to the Legacy Amendment which, when passed by the people, has provided dedicated funds for the arts and environmental investments.
  • Diane helped shaped the implementation of the legacy amendment to assure a broad range of opportunities for new and emerging artists as well as established ones, the inclusion of all art forms, support for arts education, and opportunities for people to discover their own creative talents.
  • Diane co-chaired the Arts Subcommittee of the Capitol Restoration which has recommended opportunities for new art and rotating art shows and performing arts within the restored Capitol.
  • Locally Diane has been a strong advocate for our vibrant arts community. She helped lead exploration of an arts education center (just before the 9-11 recession), served as a volunteer for the first Art a Whirl and has continued to advocate for and support arts locally. From attending arts festivals and performances while in college to a growing collection of purchased and self created art, the arts are a valued part of Diane’s life.

More remains to be done

  • We need to assure all have equal opportunity across the state. Currently the opportunity for arts education is most clustered in regional centers and the wealthier school districts.
  • Access needs to be strengthened so all can experience affordable arts opportunities.
  • The Capitol Arts program recommendations need to be implemented and funded so that the large new public spaces are welcoming and tell new Minnesota stories via art and return visits are encouraged with changing art exhibits and performance arts.