Diane's vision for Minnesota

Investing in Quality Education

Education at all levels needs to be strengthened from early childhood to higher ed and worker retraining. Every child deserves affordable, quality early childhood care and education, a quality public school system, and opportunities for higher education that don't hold them back with high tuition and student loans.

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A Budget that Puts People First

We can't move our families forward without addressing the affordability of the basics. Diane will continue her work to give tax relief to workers, homeowners, renters, seniors, and small businesses while ensuring large, successful international businesses and the wealthy pay their fair share. We need to make sure families and communities have the services they depend on, our economy grows good-paying jobs, and our environment is protected.

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Creating Good Jobs with Good Wages

Good-paying jobs are the key to self-sufficiency and success. Too many have been held back to wage stagnation, the rising cost of health care, lack of affordable access to workforce training, and limited job opportunities. We need to work together to grow our small & local businesses, and ensure fair wages so people working full-time are treated right. Corporations should pay their workers a fair, living wage, not rely on government to make the difference between greed and what's right.

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Affordable Healthcare

Affordable, quality health coverage should be available to all.



Equity and Respect

Assuring everyone has a chance at a life that includes respect, contribution, and fair treatment.



Environment and climate change

Minnesota’s natural resources make this a beautiful place to live.


Supporting the Arts

The arts are an essential part of our economy and our quality of life.



A Successful city

Minneapolis is a wonderful place for some but together, we can make it a great place for all.


criminal justice reform

Minnesota’s can be a leader in diverting people from prison into treatment and successfully launching people into new, stable, and productive lives.