A Successful City


Minneapolis is a wonderful place in many, many ways but we also struggle with a lack of affordable housing, old infrastructure, growing transit needs, and lack of equal opportunities by race and geography. Some parts enjoy free concerts and lots of recreational bike paths while other parts of the city (like ours) have neighborhood groups addressing pollution, inadequate transit, affordable housing issues, and lack of access to natural spaces. Rising property taxes contribute to rent increases and threaten the ability of homeowners to meet their needs or young people to afford homes.  

Diane believes the state needs to be a strong partner in making its largest city successful and thriving for all of its residents. As the DFL lead on Property Taxes and Local Government Finance she works to strengthen state support for our local governments and to increase the homeowner and renter property tax refunds.

A record of results

  • Authored increases in the homeowner and renter's credit when the Democrats were in the majority. Last year stopped a Republican proposal to eliminate the renter's credit. 
  • Supported major increases in city local government aid, county program aid and school aids. 
  • Authored the Environmental Response Fund that provides funding to address past pollution in old buildings so that they can again be safe locations for small businesses. Many properties in NE and SE Mpls have benefitted from this. 
  • Supported the start of environmental justice work in the Pollution Control Agency to address the over concentration of pollution in modest and low income neighborhoods, often home to blue collar, immigrant and racial minority populations. 
  • Supported state training funding so all law enforcement personnel are trained in de-escalation and avoiding implicit bias.
  • Major involvement after the 35W bridge collapse and worked to make it safer going forward (de-icing to prevent the mists of St. Anthony Falls from unexpected ice glazing). 
  • Got priority funding when safety issues closed the Lowry, Plymouth and Northtown Yards St. Anthony Bridges. Funds now will address rehabilitation of the 10th Ave. Bridge. 
  • Secured state funds for our parks (including river land acquisition) and aging infrastructure under our streets.
  • Created affordable housing grants for our lowest income families so they could avoid the use of emergency shelters and the 6 months lag in learning that disruption causes in children's learning progress.
  • Authored rail road safety legislation.
  • Supported the anti-poverty commission and helped pass increases in the minimum wage with regular inflation increases. Poverty is a major contributor to many of our disparities. 
  • Worked against the local funding of professional sports stadiums (unsuccessfully due to the support of other local elected officials).

More remains to be done

  • We must continue to have the state's strong support for our schools, city and county so that they can meet the disproportionate and unique needs of this major city. 
  • Will continue to push for increases in the homestead credit and renter's refunds to promote affordability and continuity for those with housing, state funds to address and prevent homelessness and the development of sustainable affordable housing. 
  • We must strongly advocate for improvement in the local bus system, a component of transit that gets less attention than the new modes with their major economic forces in support . 
  • We must strongly support for the state's partnership in restoring the Mississippi Riverfront in North and Northeast Minneapolis to promote access to nature and walking and biking trails. 
  • Dian authored and advocated for the restoration of voting rights to all who have served their time and are in the community and better use of restorative justice approaches proven to reduce recidivism and help individuals have a successful second chance. 
  • Diane supports violence prevention efforts and many strong efforts to address gun violence. 
  • Diane is a strong supporter of after-school and community youth programming to build community and help children develop their unique interests and skills. 
  • Diane is a strong negotiator on funding formulas to make sure our needs are adequately considered and funded. Too many in Greater MN run their campaigns based on opposing the big numbers of funds granted to our city's local governments and we spend much time defending our city against unfair cuts and caps on spending per city. I stand up for the unique needs of small cities and sparsely populated areas and push for a "one Minnesota" perspective where the unique needs of each area are taken into consideration.